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I was over checking out all the little ones on the new site and boy do we have alot of cuties. Look at our little Magda(25) you can already see that she is going to have a spunkiness about her. Then I looked a little more and almost drowned in Duncan(31)'s baby blue eyes. I came across Anna2(9) and Ross(20) and could not help but smile as you can see that they are going to be thier moms silly ones that will always have you smiling. Then I found the perfect anidate for a Reeces Rainbow Pageant; Yup our lil miss Cordelia(37) she can win hands down. I found a little one that looks like she would want to be snuggled all the time. Sophia(3) is just waiting for her mommas arms. Caitlin(23) has the cutest little pout going on. Don't you just want to pick her up and hold her forever? Lera(4).... she just has that look like she is pleading for her mommy to find her. Then I found our princess Lilly that looks as if she has tears in her eyes. I just wanted to reach through the computer and pick her up and show her the love that she so needs and just be there to wipe away there tears and promise her that everything will now be alright. Linda Duncan are you sure you do not want to travel again? That is all I can think when I see Julianna's picture as she looks so much like your daughters. Then I saw that Santa and his little elves delivered a very special gift on Christmas eve... Mary Margaret. Look at them creamy brown eyes that would melt anyones heart. Oh I see my little John and Joseph are still available also. Who could ask for a cuter set of brothers. I am so shocked that their mom and dad have not found them yet. Go look at these handsome boys; you can see they have alot of love to offer a family. Leah(9) look at that heart stopping grin. She is just too cute. Then I saw lil miss innocent looking Iryna(33) won't you be her mom and let us all enjoy being her auntie. THen last but not least is my all time favorite.... ERNIE... how can you look at him and his beautiful smile and not want to run all t he way to Mexico and bring him home? He is going to be a blessed addition to a family.... How I wish it could be mine.

Sophia (3)

Girl, Born November 12, 2007

These girls are at risk of being taken into a new foster care program in their region. Technically that should be a good thing, but there are still no resources for them, no place in their society, and no care for them as adults.

Families who are paper-ready would be the ideal choice for these angels, but any family is welcome. Families committing to these girls must be open and aware that they may need to choose a different child at some point during the process, if the child ends up being fostered by a native family.

Contact Andrea directly for more information
I have $0 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Andrey P (14 or 7)

Boy, Born June 27, 2004

What a precious, lively, glowing with happiness little boy! Andrey is facing institutionalization very soon....I can't bear the thought of that happening to him. He will bring the greatest joy to any family who adopts him! We so hope he will be saved by a committed family!

Andrey does have an ASD and a PDA. He will likely require surgery when gets home, but this heart condition does not seem to have impaired him much! He is very active, crawling, playing, and very lively! He is an orphanage favorite and is loved by all of the staff and the other children. They desperately want to find a family for him right away!

He is up and learning to walk with a push walker, but will likely have to be adopted from the institution. Please save him!

From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in May of 2009: " He is such a camera lover. I snuggled him for quite a while!! He can pull to standing position, but I didn't see him take any steps but I think he is a bit lazy. LOL The caregivers think he can do much more than he lets on but is just to lazy to do it! He has a beautiful smile and engages well. He tracks and has great eye contact. What a cutie!!!

The children in this orphanage are VERY well taken care of. They are blessed by the financial and humanitarian support of a very large aid group, meaning adequate food, stimulation, toys, and even therapeutic items. They are all being raised with the typical children, so this helps them be even more high functioning. Even more so, they are shared with us by a loving director who genuinely wants to see these angels find families. We are honored to be able to seek families for these children, and hope we can succeed in placing ALL of them very quickly!

Contact Andrea directly for more information

I have $3295 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

Luke (23)

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