Sunday, March 29, 2009

I think we need a birthday party, don't you?! It is my 41st.birthday on 4/10. I would love to share my birthday with all of my friends and the little ones on Reeces Rainbow; But one of them is still waiting to get home and his family needs a little help in collecting the funds. He is still waiting for his turn to be the Prince of the Ball.

I would really, truly, expressly love it to see us have a birthday party that would bring some cheer to our cyber family and funds for Alexsey's adoption fund.

Can we see a huge donation of cheer? I bet we sure can! To put on a party we need decorations. Who can help? What we'll do is donate the money and figuratively decorate our ballroom. Please look at the price list and see what you can contribute! We'll need LOTS of decorations so pick what you can help with. If you can think of anything else I missed make sure to let the group know.

Balloons $5
Streamers $5
Punch $10
Party Hats $10
Party Blowers $10
Gift Bags $20
Presents $20
Disco Ball $50
Multi tied Birthday Cake, each tier is $ many tiers high can we built it???

Lets get these donated at:

I know we can have the Ball of the Year!! Lets see just how much fun we can create. When you have "purchased" your item, please post to let us know so we can all imagine our glittering ballroom that is fit for this Prince Charming


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boy, Born July 3, 2004


Ernie is just darling! Look at that smile!

Ernie is considered lower functioning than Cara or Mary Frances, but he has such tremendous potential. He has shown some signs of self-aggression, but these behaviors have been greatly reduced since he was provided his own "foster mom" at the children's home and has benefited from more one on one attention. He is tiny for his age, but doing well physically.

Ernie was found abandoned, there is no knowledge of any parents or other relatives :(

From his caregivers: Emotionally: Low self esteem, self-aggression, low tolerance to frustration and anxiety. He greatly needs the image of a mother, he was assigned a foster mom at the children's home and this resulted in a reduction of his self-aggression. He has definitely benefited from the one on one attention and support, both physically and emotionally.

He goes to CREE where he receives treatment with neurologist & rehabilitation. He is receiving treatment at the Rafaela Arganiz School which specializes in Down Syndrome.

We have requested more detail about these behaviors, and about his current skill level as far as walking, feeding himself, etc. Will post as soon as we have this information. Please consider saving Ernie! He can do so much and will just blossom in a loving family environment!

Married, hetero couples only

Small families preferred (no more than 5 children)

2 trips, both parents for 5 days

Return home for a month, both parents for 10-14 days until court

One parent can leave after court, the other stays another 10-14 days to finalize

Very comfortable accommodations, wonderful staff and officials to work with

EXCELLENT care of the children, including therapy and school

Low cost, approx $18k

Please contact Andrea directly for more information

I have $ 600 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!
for Ernie

Ernie is really cute. He had cataract surgery last month, so they had
him in a little protective helmet and his hands were wrapped so he
would not mess with his bandage. I believe it was his left eye. I'll
have to pull his picture up on my other computer. They took it all
off for the picture, but his eye is bandaged.

They said he really needs a mommy! Some of the other children have
adjusted ok without a family, but little Ernie really needs and
desires one-on-one love according to the director and the others
giving us info. He's doing better with someone assigned to him like a
mom now and they think he will do really well once he has a permanent

He was walking with the help of a lady when I first saw him go past.
I didn't realize who it was at first, but the workers were making a
big deal out of him walking like that and seemed excited.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009




Arianna Marie... my niece

Me and Joshie

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This past weekend some of us girls in the family hung out so I had to get a pic of some of them..


EXTREME EMERGENCY: Need family by April 20th 2009. 13 ¾ year old girl, China, NO ADOPTION FEES

Are you a Family that could adopt quickly?
Do you already have a Dossier in China? or are you already adopting another child soon from China in March or April? Or do you have an I-600 for two children? or an I-800? Were you approved for more than one child? Are you willing to ask a US government official to help like your Senator?

We were just notified of HJ!
HJ, Girl, 13 ¾ years old. She will turn 14 in April 2009 and will no longer be available for international adoption. We do not know her future if she is not adopted. Some 14 year olds without families are left without resources, homeless and unemployed.
All fees have been donated except travel, home study and immigration. No application fees, no pre-approval fees, no adoption fees. Please contact us for her information without obligation.

HJ is extroverted and has a lovely smile and face. She has had elbow surgery on one arm and has recovered well. She likes to sing, dance and plays sports . She is a good runner and came in third place in a long distance competition. She was formerly a member of the dance team.

She is active and gets along well with kids at the orphanage and school. She is kind hearted and helps the teachers with the younger or sick children. She is a sensible girl and well-liked by both children and adults. She keeps her clothes and room very clean and tidy. She is a good student. Her final examinations results last year were all excellent or good with high marks in Math and Chinese.
Please let your friends know about this girl. WACAP ( is a non-profit adoption agency. Contact 1-800-732-1887. We will do everything possible to complete this adoption.